Friday, 16 January 2015

Although Buhari cannot remember!!

Following my post yesterday a reader sent me this write up in my email and I decided to share it with you guys. Let me state again that I do not antagonize anyone of the candidates but I simply am not camping with either one of them. Let me categorically state that I did not write this. Read and remember history.....

Although Buhari cannot REMEMBER personal information about himself, the name of his own running-mate, his wife's name, the diversities and sensibilities of Nigerians etc, Nigerians must not fail to REMEMBER the following about Buhari:

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The State of The Nation; #IamBaga #IamNigeria

Couple of things have been weighing on my mind this past couple of weeks, Elections are around the corner and for some reason the Insurgency in the north have increased hence the #IamBaga #PrayForNigeria Lets not forget the #BringBackOurGirls at this rate I highly doubt they would ever be brought back.
Nigeria is in a state of mass hysteria and nobody even realizes it. Thanks to the likes of Alicia Keys who sing about it and Madonna who posts about it. To be honest people in diaspora and foreigners understand how much of a problem Boko Haram is and we Nigerians don't even care. At least we are chilling in Lagos, Boko Haram no touch us and we don't care. The number of people that have died since the Boko Haram thing started even Federal Government don't have adequate figures. If you as a citizen chilling in the Southern part of the country is not bothered, then why will the president who has 519 million naira for kitchen budget, who probably doesn't realize we still have a problem with electricity in the country because he has light 24/7 in Aso Rock  and whose children are safely hidden abroad care about the state of the North?. Yep that is the sad state of the country we live in.

I remember vividly only a couple of days back just a few days after over 2000 people are killed like chickens in Baga and Nigerian Twittersphere was only interested in talking about Buhari's Sperm and Buhari's daughter. I still cannot understand neither can I fathom nor relate with how easily distracted we are by our problems and the fact that they are not being solved. We would rather castigate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan rather than address the state of the nation. Its a shame especially with all the bulls*t in the media. Amnesty International has more documented facts about Boko Haram attacks than our own media houses. The only thing they care about is running political campaign ads and we the citizens only care about pretty daughters on social media. Take a look at what happened with Charlie Hebdo and how the terrorists responsible were captured and the world stood up for them. Can we say same of Nigeria? The world doesn't care because we don't care ourselves, we the citizens of this great nation Nigeria.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Nicki Minaj For Roberto Cavalli: Spring/Summer 2015

Shout out to my main bitch Nicki Minaj! see famzing! following the amazing success of the album The PinkPrint and Only going to number one on Urban Radio Chats, Nicki has now been officially unveiled as the new face of the Roberto Cavalli campaign. This is one babe that has been through a whole lot, If you have listened to the album The PinkPrint you would know what I am talking about. She has been through heartbreaks and what not and somehow she still comes out on top. I like how her style has gone from ratchet to mature.
Talking about why he chose Nicki Minaj, Roberto Cavalli said: "I chose Nicki Minaj because she embodies the exuberant and modern femininity of the Cavalli woman. In recent years we have become accustomed to women castigated in clothes that hide their body shapes. With this campaign, I wanted to send a strong countertrend message. I wanted a sensual woman who is aware of her body, who is not afraid to show her curves, rather she make them as a strength."
Its funny how she can comfortably go from trashy to demure in an instant, it still baffles me.
 She has officially become a woman. Check out pictures from the campaign below as well as the official video

Kim Kardashian For Vogue Australia February 2015: Photography By Gilles Bensimon

Go Keeks! With all the controversy she just keeps jumping from cover to cover of magazines. I wonder what happens when there are no more magazines to feature in. Does that mean the end of an era? Confused much. Anyway check out photos from the issue, I think she looks great!

My Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet RoundUP

If there is anything I have learn't over the years, It is the fact that age is nothing but a number and being fabulous can be achieved at whatever age you are. There was a long list of ageless over 40 year old women on the golden globes and I must say they even impressed me more than the women in their "Youth"
The likes of Viola Davis, 49, Helen Mirren, 69, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 45, and Jane Fonda, 77, are symbols that life doesn't end at 40.
The leading ladies, including Julianna Margulies, 48, Christine Baranski, 62, and Heidi Klum, 41, looked red hot in daring crimson gowns that showed off every inch of their stunning curves.
Meanwhile Julianne Moore, 54, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 53, and Salma Hayek, 48, also oozed ageless grace on the red carpet. Check them Out!
Patricia Arquette, 46, glowed with her Golden Globe, wearing a custom Escada gown that hugged her body beautifully

Monday, 15 December 2014

Beach Essentials........

Hey Dolls! How did you spend your weekend? Well mine was awesome. Me and the girls got together and went to the beach. La'Campagne Tropicana in Epe to be precise, for those who don't know, Epe is somewhere close to Ogun State but people there "claim" to live in Lagos (*insert dry laugh*). Anyway it was a fun weekend. I went from the beach to the Headies awards show at Eko Hotel which rounded off at about 4.30am and at 9am this morning I was back at the office brainstorming about television production. Talk about being super woman *pats self on the back*. Now I know some people are already wondering what the main post here is. Well I am getting to it! Today I want to focus on appropriate beach wear but before I get into it I will post my get up to the beach.
Dress: H&M, Bag: River Island , Hat: Primark, Watch: Micheal Kors

Friday, 12 December 2014

#NewObsession………. Exfoilating

A couple of years back I never really cared about my skin to be honest. I only thought if I used fair and white cream and soap that was enough skin care. Now fast forward to 2014 just right after the world cup rounded up in Brazil, I had a brief stopover in South Africa on my way back to Nigeria and I took time out to visit a spa. Now in all my life never have I ever seen the need for a Spa or why people even waste money on skin treatment. In my head it was cancerous LOL.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

All Black Everything

Hey dolls. So I know I haven't had a blog post in like a million years,I am so sorry about that. I kind of got caught up with Work. I basically prouduce 3 television shows on HipTv namely Trending, StreetHop and Flipside and it has been a whole lot of crazy. But all that aside am here now I think! LOL.
My Post is tagged All Black Everything because this outifit was actually inspired by Olamide's Goons Mi video shoot. It all started when HipTv got invited to come on set for the video shoot and Olamide specifically said all black everything/ganster style and this is what I came up with.Did I SLAY it? Yay or Nay? Feel free to leave your comments. LOL. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

FASHION CRAVE OF THE WEEK: The Alexander Wang Statement Sweater

OK so I stumbled across this online and I almost ran mad!!!!!! (Just Kidding though) I totally want one of these sweatshirts. These sweatshirt goes for £835, that's like 229,625naira, very sad story. How can I waste all that money on a sweatshirt *insert hot tears*. I must say Khloe's shape looks amazing all that early morning work out is paying off oh #Flawless. One gats take a cue from Khloe, girls gats be fit. LOL. From the painted-on purple Geisha-esque lips to the jaw-dropping outfit, Khloe looks AMA-zing!! I definitely want that lipstick shade, Lorde is also famous for rocking this particular lipstick shade. And the Ombré weave!!! Oh mammma MIA!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Glee Cory Monteith Episode | "He's gone" [Season5x03]

All I can say is I cried so hard!!!!!! you have no idea, even while slicing an onion I don't cry as hard as I did while watching this episode, I was sobbing like a baby, it was like I knew Cory personally, So many emotions were poured into this episode and i could feel the sincerity of Lea Michele's pain, it wasn't forced it was real. When you find someone who loves you like that, that kind of love is golden, make sure you fight hard for it and you do not play with it, it comes but once in a lifetime.
May your days be long and may your vines not be cut short! Amen!

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The Lupita Nyongo'O Effect

Am I the only one that is bored with this topic *inserts yawn*. I am not a hater I mean I have seen 12years a slave and all. I just feel like Americans can be hypocrites sometimes so I cant say if they truly love Lupita or if they are making all this fuss just to let the world know that they are the land of the free and they accept everyone and every race. I mean Lupita is the perfect cinderella story,America likes the whole oh she's from Kenya bla bla bla situations. Now everything Lupita does is gold am sure if she*poops* they'd probably auction her shit or something LOL
In other news Lupita is now firmly stamped on the map as a style icon, everything Lupita uses sells out!!! Add Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o's name to the exclusive list of Trendsetters and style icons who influence style fads by just breathing. 
The MIU MIU “Parrot dress” worn by Lupita at the 12 Years a Slave LA premiere has sold out everywhere. The MIU MIU Printed cady dress retails for $3,500 — if you can find it.According to Net-a-Porter’s website, Miu Miu’s colorful parrot-print dress features pastel-pink design, a flattering nipped-in waist and feminine box-pleated skirt. She also recently became MIU MIU's official muse. Also Oscar winner's $24 lip balm sells out in stores after she drops it into Ellen's 'tip hat' during the oscars, she sparked the sell-out of a $24 Clarins lip balm after she was pictured offering it to Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars on Sunday night.
MIU MIU Printed Cady Dress

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Style Revamp - Kelly Osbourne

Hey dolls, I am just a little bit curious.I don't know if I was the only one who asked; what the hell Kelly Osbourne was doing on fashion police?, I mean lets face it, its not like Kelly's style is very glam or that she has the best fashion sense on the planet. She does have a couple hits style wise but on most days Kelly has a whole lot of misses. I cant even comprehend her style but while surfing the internet this morning I stumbled upon a picture of Kelly Osbourne from way back when she used to be such a rebel and I realized just how far this amazing young lady had come and she sure does deserve that chair she gets to sit on Fashion Police. This is a child that has struggled with drugs, weight gain and weight loss and even almost lost her mum(Sharon Osbourne) to cancer. She picked herself up,dusted off all the BS, lost some weight and re-branded her whole entire personality. She was no longer known as the wild child she became known as the grown up celebrity seed turned fashionista. She is now a fashion pacesetter and her style inspires lots of young girls out there that you can be different and still be fabulous. Way to go Girl!!! so I am going to post some before and after pictures. Not out of spite but out of love LOL so you guys can get inspired too.Pick yourself up, dust off all the dirt and become a brand new person, No one said it'll be easy, truth is if you believe then you can!!YES WE CAN!!! If Kelly can lose weight and become successful with her career then I can too.But most importantly what we need to remember is Kelly dint go from drab to fab overnight, it was a whole lotta of work. She dint wake up like this oh, so remember to put in work and you'll definitely see results. #BeFabulous

Monday, 23 December 2013

7 Fabulous Holiday Fashion Tips to Shine like a Star This Season

Hey dolls, I'm so sorry i haven't put up a new post in such a long time, it has been very hectic this past couple of weeks. Anyways am so glad to be back, I have lots of fabulous materials to post so you guys should brace yourselves. I have attended a whole lot of events this past couple of weeks and i realized lots of people get confused as regards what to wear to these events. Below are a few tips for the average fabulous girls like me. I hope you enjoy :) .
During the holiday season there are always so many parties and functions to attend, and it is always nice to have some holiday fashion tips so you can show up to any get-together looking amazing. When I think about holiday fashion, I think about basic pieces that I can mix and match together, but I want them to have just a little something extra. It is amazing how the right accessory or piece of clothing can make you look as bright as the holiday lights. I love getting together with people over the holidays, but because the season is so busy I like having some simple holiday fashion tips that will have me looking great in no time.

1. A Crisp White Button down Shirt

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All the details! Kim Kardashian's luxury lilac and white Valentino engagement dress... yours for $6,800

She's transformed her style since she began dating Kanye West, with mixed results.
But Kim Kardashian chose what is debatedly her best outfit yet to celebrate her engagement to the hip hop star on Monday night.
The reality star dazzled in a feminine lilac and white Valentino number as she accepted the proposal on her birthday in front of friends and family at a stadium rented out for the occasion in San Francisco.

Perfect choice: Kim Kardashian chose a white and lilac high necked gown to celebrate her engagement to Kanye West in San Francisco on Monday night; she is pictured with her pal Jonathan Cheban
Perfect choice: Kim Kardashian chose a white and lilac high necked gown to celebrate her engagement to Kanye West in San Francisco on Monday night; she is pictured with her pal Jonathan Cheban

Smoking hot! Beyonce shows off her bootylicious body in thigh high leather boots while puffing on a cigar in new photoshoot

She is famous for her curvy figure and bootylicious behind.
And Beyonce manages to show both off to the maximum in a brand new photoshoot.
One sultry snapshot shows the 32-year-old singer sporting a cropped peplum jacket open to reveal a flash of her cleavage teamed with extremely high skin-tight leather boots.
Thigh high stunner: Beyonce shows off her enviable curves in a pair of leather boots and a white peplum short and gloves in images taken from a Herring & Herring photoshoot, some of which were used for her 2014 calender
Thigh high stunner: Beyonce shows off her curves in a pair of leather boots and a white peplum short and gloves in images taken from a Herring & Herring photoshoot, some of which were used for her 2014 calender

He finally got the girl! How Kanye West took NINE YEARS to convince Kim Kardashian to go from friend to fiancee

They just got engaged on Monday in San Francisco with a sparkling 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already have a long history together. The rapper and the reality star - who have been dating since early 2012 - have known each other for nine years. Here's a look at how it all began for the parents of North West.
Finally a ring: Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian on Monday - her 33rd birthday - after knowing her for nine years

Monday, 30 September 2013

HILARIOUS ALERT: Roar/Wrecking Ball Parody - starring Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & Kris Jenner

this dude is freaking hilarious i just had to share this video, the make up in the video is so freaking hilarious. I love how he sang the "Roar" Parody. Whoever did the make up is so freaking talented. i hope you guys have as much fun as i did watching this video. LOOOL

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Celebrity must see look of the week: Khloe Kardashian’s Maxfield Theory Daranda Silk Jumpsuit. SKANK OR CLASS?

Khloe Kardashian indulged in some retail therapy at Maxfield in West Hollywood in her favorite $1,495 Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Alien Boots and a $425 Theory Daranda Silk Jumpsuit:. Plus there's something about the Giuseppe boots because 2013 US Open Champion Serena Williams also rocked the boots when she posed with her trophy in Central Park Picture Below: This just might be a trend alert!! The boot is Gorg!! btw


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

50 shades of Grey UPDATE, Fans are not pleased as B-list actors are chosen for the role of Christian Grey and Anastacia.Must READ

Everyone that's close to me knows am obsessed with the 50 shades of grey franchise, i mean i finished the trilogy in three days, how awesome is that and PS it wasn't even about the erotic sexiness of the book, it was more about Christian Grey and the lavish gifts he gave to Anastasia Steele, i mean who doesn't want a rich man to pamper and love then as well as give them some good loving(censored word) #justsaying. Anyways after much speculations the directors chose Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were announced as Christian Grey and Anastasia. The Author of the book E.L James  took to Twitter to reveal Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson set for the leads in Sam Taylor-Johnson's adaptation.
Charlie Hunnam(Christian Grey),Dakota Johnson(Anastacia) and Insert the Author of 50 shades of Grey E.L James

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Miley Cyrus displays her breasts in mesh and her derriere in PVC for yet another racy photo shoot

Miley Cyrus is on a roll and it seems she really can’t stop – with the risqué behaviour, that is.The once wholesome Disney star is on a racy streak and judging by her latest photo shoot, isn’t planning on slowing down any time. Just in case we hadn’t seen enough, the 20-year-old has stripped to some skimpy ensembles to pose for Notion magazine.
Miley can be seen in skintight white PVC trousers and a matching crop top with the word ‘business’ repeatedly scrawled across it. For one image, the actress and singer leans forwards, sticking out her derriere which has the letter ‘M’ for Miley printed on it.
The former Hannah Montana star is sporting lots of red lipstick for the shoot and in one photo seductively bites on her finger.